Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ok, here is my short term plan. I want to quit my job (it's ok, but I just want to travel and see the world before I retire to a static office job, that will be fine when I have a family to support). I plan to quit my job and travel back home for my cousin's new baby girl's baptizing. My brother is going to be godfather so I wouldn't miss it for the world. After that I plan to stay until my mom's birthday (yeah, I'm a Mamma's boy, SUE ME) and then skip the continent and head over to London. Yes, it's as good a terrorist target as you can have in Europe, but I don't care. If I'm gooing to die, it may as well be doing exactly as I please and, most importantly, not being afraid. Fear has never been a good reason to do (or not do) anyhting. What am I going to do in London? Good question. I honestly don't have much of an idea. Hopefully I can get a job waiting tables or something (illegally, of course) and maybe even study something while I'm there. . . maybe a programming certification or a writing class, I don't know, depends on how things work out. It's kind of a non-plan, come to think of it, hehe. And I think that's why it thrills me. I've never really ventured out without a good plan or concrete goals. This in a way is both thrilling and terrifying. Here goes. . . (and, of course, there's a boy involved. . . isn't there always?).


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