Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Everytime you get on a bus in London (be it double decker, bendy or regular) you can be pretty sure you'll see somebody with a suitcase. They're everywhere. I see the travelers hurrying along the crowded streets all the time. Upon seeing them, I suddenly recall being at the beginning of a journey, suitcase in hand (or backpack). I can feel some of that excitement and possibility just waiting to be caught. It surrounds you and it fills you with energy and zest. You look around yourself and almost feel sorry at the poor shmucks who are headed nowhere today, just in their usual routines, like yesterday and the day after that. Today is just a normal day for them, but it's the start of an adventure for you.

This is why I envy travelers, this is how I feel they look at me. Bastards.


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