Jerry! Jerry!... a review

Monday, October 04, 2004

Well, since the damn tickets to see "Sweeny Todd" ran out at TKTS (damn those cheap Sondheim fans!) me and a friend decided to see "Jerry Springer: The Opera". He had already seen it (together with my bf whilst I was not in London yet), but said he'd gladly see it again, so off we went. I had heard some positive things about the show and since it had won all the major "theatre" awards in London, I was quiet anxious to take it in.

Anyways, the overture began and it was quite impressive to hear this huge chorus made up of the live studio audience that always was such an integral part of the Jerry Springer show. From then on it just got better. This show was absolutely mind blowing! Hahahaha. Ok, ok, it wasn't THAT good, but it was quite a fun time at the theatre. It's in fact a bona fide opera with high notes and huge voices, but also with a few show tune-type songs mushed in (which end up being the most memorable). You see some typical Springer guests like the cheating husband, the fiancée with a weird fetish, the fat chick who wants to be a stripper (her number is worth the price of admission alone!) and the first act ender which is an ensemble Klu Klux Klan dance number. It's hilarious and quiet a fun score at that. The second act is a lot more ambitious, it takes place in hell and has Satan and God as guests, as well as an array of other religious figures (Christian that is). It's also quite a riot, but honestly not as inspired as the first act. Anyways, towards the end all is forgiven (you'll see why) and you just leave with a huge grin on your face (and maybe humming a tune or two)... that is if you weren't completely appalled by the decadent themes addressed in the show or completely insulted by the mockery of your faith. It's very funny, shocking and a treat to hear (I've always found operatic singing exciting). If you're of open mind and game for just about anything, this will be a memorable night.

P.S. If you've never seen the Jerry Springer show, well, you might not appreciate this show that much, but you'll still find it outrageous and funny. Sometimes the lyrics are a little hard to understand (operatic singing is not the most understandable thing in the world), but hang in there and you'll get the hang of it eventually, hehe (it definitely helps to go with someone who's seen it already, ha!). Oh, and if you're 25 or younger you get half price tickets if you purchase them at least 7 days in advance! Cheers!


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