Tuesday, October 05, 2004

When I walk to work int he morning I always pass by this primary school and kindergarten. Whenever I'm a little early (just before 9am) I get to see the kids arriving for class. It's so cute to see the children in there little hats and coats (even though it brings back traumatic memories of being hurled into my first instances of social interaction).

Anyways, this spectacle of mothers taking their children to school is very sweet and touching. But the other day as I was doing my usual rounds, I saw this man peering into one of the classrooms from the gate. It was quite an odd sight, first of all because it's mostly the mother hens who take their chics to school, and secondly because he was just gazing at the classroom from outside the damn school. I'm not sure if it was a father trying to see how his child interacted without him, if it was a pedophile searching out for his next victim... or maybe if it was a divorced father trying to steal a look at a son or daughter that had been taken away from him.

It was kind of a sad but interesting sight. It reminded me of how important children are in one's life (once one has them). My bf has often talked about the genetic origins of parenthood, how it's simply manifestation of the desire to spread one's own genes, and therefore everything we do for them (worry, spend like crazy, overprotect, fight, yell, etc) is for that sole purpose. It's certainly is an interesting way of seeing it (but don't tell him I said so, haha).

I guess maybe that's why an improper father or mother is so appalling, it's basically unnatural, it's grotesque, it's contrary to basic common sense and evolution. I someday wish to have my own kids. I'm gay and I know it will be difficult (and maybe even very costly), but I am determined to do this. Adoption is not my first option, but if there is no other way I will gladly give a child a home and an education. I hope to contribute to the end of ignorance in this world by passing on my ideas and life lessons to my own offspring (or adopted kids). I think life has no meaning if all your own personal human experience does not go beyond yourself. It's just illogical. Children are a way for you to try to improve the world based on your own memories and lessons and lifetime. That's why I want kids. Oh, and I think the little baby clothes are just TOO cute! HAHAHAHA.


  • At December 04, 2004 12:07 AM, Blogger psesito said…

    ¬°COERO MIL!

    "Children are a way for you to try to improve the world based on your own memories and lessons and lifetime"; but there are many other ways, but well, the clothes are a turn-on.


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