The presidential elections are looming ever closer in the USA. I really can't understand why somebody would vote for Bush if not out of complete ignorance brought on by fear of a terrorist attack. I really really REALLY hope he gets the boot like Aznar did in Spain. I hope also Blair gets ousted from here in England also. They both deserve to go down in flames. Why somebody would rush to war, to killing, to atrocities is beyond me. But both these men did, with probably sinister reasons for doing so, and now they have no choice but to defend those pathetic reasons to go to war, and to me every day that goes by they look like greater fools for it.

Why the hell don't American and British people just say "Hey! There were no fucking WMD in Iraq, there wasn't even a threat of making them... you sent our sons to die for NOTHING! Did you hear that, NOTHING! I lost my son because of YOU! I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU!!!". Is this reasoning too hard to understand? Is the pain of this realization blinding people into denial? Sheesh... that's just my $0.02.


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