This is one of the most frustrating days I've thus had so far in the UK. As I am FINALLY ready to send in my full visa application I find out that the damn immigration rules changed October 1st (YES< A FUCKING WEEK AGO!) and that you can no longer change your visa status from tourist (me) to student (I wish I was). FUCK!!! I was so distraught by this that when I got to work I just couldn't do anything for like 15min..... I mean it was just so unbelievable that after all the damn papers I had sent to me from home, by mail and fax, and all the time I waited to get paid to have enough money for the damn application, and now THIS! GEEZ! Somebody up there just does NOT want me to do this.

I had wanted to get the visa because as a student you can legally work part time in the UK, even though everybody works more than that, haha. Anyways, here I go trying to do everything the legal and safe way, but NOOOooooOOOOoooOOOOooo.... bureaucracy got me in the end.

Anyways, after reflecting on my life and repeating my new motto to myself many many times ("Nothing really matters, nothing really matters"), I realized that this was by no means the end of the world (that would be Bush getting re-elected, duh). I could apply for the fucking visa from home when I travel there in December and I can come back with no problem in January, I have a job (actually two) as a web developer and an engineer that pay a whole fucking lot more than the jobs my visa-totting classmates have, and generally I've been doing ok as an illegal (which was my original plan anyways... see previous post). So, in a way, I'm back to my original plan, at least for now, and things are not that bad. Also, the application costs £35 in my home country versus £250 here... so this actually sort of has a bright side, haha. I can't fucking wait for my bf to come back and hear this, he will go ballistic and chant "I told you so" till kingdom come..... oh, but I sure miss him.... hahaha.


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