Time heals everything

Friday, December 03, 2004

Ok, I'm feeling political today. Not to mention pissed off, haha. So, sue me.

I'm truly very saddened by the religious and "moral" backlash that there was to the same-sex marriage movement in the USA. Every single measure to prevent same-sex marriage that went to the polls on Nov. 2 won, and by a lot. Was I particularly surprised? Well, not really. Sure I felt optimistic when the Supreme Court ruled last year that gay people in the USA could do whatever they wanted in their bedrooms without being taken to jail for it. Did this offer false hope? Of course it was wonderful to see gay people getting married all over the country (if only to have those marriages annulled). Did this scare everyday Americans into voting for Bush? Maybe. Maybe not.

I'm just fed up with it. I hate the fact that people seem to find security and "moral" fortitude in discriminating a minority and scapegotting them for the fall of western civilization. Jesus Christ, we're just people. Is that so hard to understand? Gay people are just fucking PEOPLE! Get it? Is it logical to label all gays promiscuous, paedophilic and drug addicted party boys? Well, it's about as logical as labelling all heterosexuals as "moral", honest, church going and law abiding citizens. It's BULLSHIT! And everybody knows it.

I'm just tired of having the Bible used against me. The Bible says A LOT of thing, people! Fucking right wing idiots are VERY VERY VERY selective as to what they quote and follow from that book. They forget to mention the slavery, adultery, misogyny and polygamy that are also in there. It's being used as a weapon of HATE, knowing that God's message was always LOVE. I'd like to compare the figures of voters who were in favor of the same-sex marriage ban to the figures of people who actually go to fucking church every Sunday. Now THAT would be interesting. It would prove how disgustingly hypocritical and dishonest they all are. They're afraid. Plain and simple. And it's us they're afraid of. They don't understand. FUCK!!!!!!



ok, ok.... I'm calming down now...

Listen, for all it's worth, sometimes we gay people don't understand either. It's hard enough accepting your own homosexuality. I mean some people never do. Ever. It's just an ocean of contradicting feelings and conventional perceptions that one has to deal with. You have to overcome this seemingly ever present feeling that what you're down is wrong. Guys holding hands? Wrong. Guys kissing? Wrong. Guys marrying? Oh, please, that's just stupid. And embarrassing. And flamboyant. And ridiculous... get my point?

Accepting homosexuality is tough. It's a long process. I think we were all naive to believe that all of America could accept it overnight. We sure as hell didn't.

But this is changing. People are coming out at younger ages now, they feel it's ok to do so. Not everybody is going through all the homophobic brainwashing that was so much a part of our Western culture. The damage is less severe as time goes on. And what about all of those people who still need convincing? Well, frankly my darlings, I don't give a fuck. Time heals everything, and time will also be in charge of making all of those older homophobic generations die of old age as the coming years arrive, one by one. The lucky one's will pass on quietly, the not-so-lucky ones will fall into dementia and/or become senile, and therefore no longer a threat. They're time is ending, we just have to be patient. Wait, my darlings. Wait.


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