What am I afraid of?

Monday, December 13, 2004

-Losing a loved one.
-The fact that I might have HIV.
To make a decision based on emotion and not on reason... and to regret it for the rest of my life.
-The dark (sometimes).
-Ghosts (the angry vengeful ones, the ugly ones... I wish they were all like the Garcia Marquez books, friendly and just an everyday occurrence, like any other person).
-Dying from an AIDS related illness.
-Cockroaches, the nasty flying ones especially.
-Never writing anything that will be appreciated.
-Never getting myself to write anything.
-Being discriminated and harased because I'm gay.
-Flying bugs, in general.
-Being embarrassed in front of people I admire and respect.
-People finding out how lazy I really am.
-Sexually transmitted infections.
-Never finding someone with whom I want to spend my life.
-Not being able to have children of my own.
-Making my mother sad.
-Death, without heaven or hell (can it all just really end? And then, nothing? Terrifying...).
-The world, without God (is it all just a big coincidence? is there really no purpose? Terrifying...).
-Giving my heart and having it not be appreciated.
-Bugs, in general.

... whoa, long list.


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