3 months later

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I took an HIV test on Friday. It was 90 days after. It came back negative. I'm very happy and relieved. I still have to take another one 6 months after, but it is much less likely it will come back positive.

It's also been 3 months since my boyfriend (now ex) left London, deported. And my world fell apart. Wow, time passes by rather quickly. He left for London today actually (yes, the irony). I'm not as sad this time. Yes, we broke up and all; but we spent the last couple of days together and it was almost like old times (just with condoms and stuff, haha). He was with me during the HIV test, for which I'm very grateful. I still love him very much, that doesn't just go away. I just think we're not meant for each other.

Have a safe trip, Pooks.


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