Wednesday, January 05, 2005

On Christmas Day my family has a mini-tradition of going to the movies. There are plenty of new releases on the 25th and also there are almost no people to cross into San Diego and at the movie theater (99% of the stores are closed and stuff).

We went with my cousin and split up: my mom went to see "Ocean's 12" (I'll catch here in Mexico, thank you... or maybe on video, haha) and my dad, cousin and myself went to see "Closer".

"Closer" is based on a play I had heard of a while back. It premiered in London and made it's way to Broadway. It seemed interesting: a bleak, modern look and relationships and infidelity. When I heard they were making a movie version, I was happy. When I heard about the cast, I was thrilled. It's top-notch: Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and this lesser known Brit hunk, Clive Owen (King Arthur from the recent shitty "King Arthur" flick).

The movie is actually quite absorbing. It's basically about love and how these people betray one another (repeatedly) and how they hurt each other in all possible ways. Message? People are not only flawed (and deeply), they're also mean. Good dialogue (wonderful lines and very explicit references to sex), some neat shots and a lot to think about when you leave. I recommend it, but only if you're feeling intellectually stimulated. It's nasty. But good.


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