Thursday, January 06, 2005

I went to visit an aunt in San Diego recently. Both her daughters where not home for Christmas this year. Boo. My brother wasn't the only one spending time with the significant other this year, I see.

As we walked into her living room there was this movie on the TV. It showed this distraught gorgeous black-haired guy talking to an equally cute blond guy. I immediately thought: "They're both hot.... and I bet they're gay characters". As it turns out, they were! Haha. And in the next scene the raven haired Adonis was with his mother (Jaclyn Smith) and came out to her. Then he was flirting with his boyfriend, unbeknownst that his dad was watching. Next, the dad beats the shit out of the boyfriend. And during all this, we were all in the living room, acting as if we were not noticing what's going on on TV. It was a classic "Elephant in the room" moment.

And that's how I felt. How much longer will I have to keep up this charade? Do they know and are just ignoring the obvious fact? How long until I'm that single uncle nobody likes to talk too much about? Oh boy...

The movie? "Danielle Steel's Family album". I think I’ll pick up the book next time I go to the library. Hehe. ;-)


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