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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My twin brother came to Tijuana for New Years. This means he didn't spend Christmas at home. For the first time since he was born. He travelled on December 16 (as I was arriving in San Diego from London), to his girlfriend's graduation. After that he spent a week in her hometown (and X-MAS!). Then on the Sunday after Christmas, he arrived. With her.

Ok, this girl, Mary, has been with my brother for nearly four years. She's not knew. It's just that things between them are getting ever more serious (now that they're both finished with school). Let me just mention that in early 2004 we moved away from each other, for the first time ever. Since then I saw him for 4 days in July and then the week he came for New Years. This is quite a change. From spending every day together. Well, not ALL day together; but seeing him every day, I mean. Now we talk on the phone and chat on the internet, but, guess what? It's not the same.

So, the very first day he arrived, even though he was very glad to see us and all, his attentions were frequently directed towards his girlfriend. Very frequently. I can sincerely say that I was so overcome with jelousy I had trouble looking at them (her, in particular). I mean I get to see so little of him, and here was this girl (a gril!) monopolozing him. The gawl!

I guess this is part of real life. Real adult life. And it sucks. My brother and me eventually have to grow apart. We can't be the most important people in each other's lives forever. His partner has to take that role. It just hurts to see it happen before my eyes.


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