Licence to thrill!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Oh boy, I got my very first driver's licence today. FINALLY! And I'm only 24, hahahaha. Yeah, what a loser. But let me explain... context is everything, darlings... hehe.

Ok, when I tuned 16 (the legal age to get a license) I really had no interest in driving. My parents took me everywhere I wanted to go, I really wasn't interested in impressing any girls and I was in no mood to take on any new responsibilities. My brother got his license (it's a hetero thing, totally) and he turned into my ride to anyplace I needed to go.

When I turned 18, I eventually went to get it. I passed the written test (SOOO easy) and when I did the practical driving test (a ride around the block), the guy turned to me and said "Sorry, you didn't pass". And I was all like "WHAT?!?!? I'm not THAT bad a driver! We took a fucking drive around the block!!!" There were a few moments of tense silence. He wanted me to say something else. What he wanted, I later realized, was a BRIBE! Well, FUCK THAT! I wasn't gonna hand him one red cent (not that I had any at the time, mind you). I went home, furious, and vowed NEVER to return. (Ok, I must admit I wasn’t THAT good a driver at the time. I hardly ever practiced and wasn't kind of arrogant... I had NEVER failed a test before... DAMMIT!). My ego was hurt...

Then I went off to college for almost 5 years and since I didn't even have a damn car, I never even worried about getting my license. I know, I know, bad excuse.

Now, a year after my graduation, I finally got the strength to return to the Mexican DMV. I made my line, did my written test again (wow! computer based testing system.... nice), took my photo (wow, it's all digital now, cool) and finally came the dreaded driving test. To my utter horror THE EXACT SAME GUY who flunked me the time before got into my car and asked me to turn on the car. OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!! He asked me to first drive around the parking lot. Then, he got off and said it was over. I was all like "Huh? That was it?... THAT WAS IT?!?!?!?!?! HOO-RAY!!!!!!!". And so I proceeded to pay the charge, pickup my license and YELL AND JUMP FOR JOY!!!! =D

Oh! And in the afternoon, while I was running an errand for my mom, I left the keys in the car. TYPÏCAL!


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