Six degress of separation

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I'm reading the play "Six degrees of separation". This was turned into one of my favorite movies ever. It's quite an interesting film. It's very funny, sad, tragic and uplifting all the same. The structure is very interesting (sort of covers many places and times in one spectacularly choreographed chaos), the themes it touches are very profound (friendship, identity, social criticism and ultimately what gives meaning to life) and it has some beautiful dialogues.

The only BAD thing about the flick is that it stars Will Smith in a very central and important role. He's not very good... not TOO bad, but just not very convincing as the enigmatic Paul. Still, the rest of the movie is SOOOO good that you end up forgiving Mr. Smith's shortcomings.

I really recommend this one, either the movie or the play (I prefer the movie, tho.. the music is just gorgeous!). Enjoy!


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