My best friend's wedding

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I love this flick. I saw it for the umpteenth time over the weekend. I LOVE it. It's funny, witty, silly, endearing, musical... and at the end the girl and the guy don't stay together! (Sorry if I ruined this for anyone, hehe). All romantic comedies should be this good. Julia Roberts is at her best and made her big romantic comedy comeback in this 1998 flick. Cameron Diaz, pre Hollywood A-list, is delicious as the ditzy and vulnerable bride-to-be. Dermot Mulroney is pretty good and handsome in an offbeat way as Julia's love interest and groom-to-be... but the scene stealer extraordinaire is Rupert Everet. An outstanding gay-best-bud-second-banana performance! Bravo!

Fun fact: Did you know this movie has 6 musical numbers? (By musical number I mean when a character is singing a song in front of the camera). And do you know how many original songs were written for the cartoon musical version of "Beauty and the Beast"? Yes, six! Hahaha. That proves it... "My best friend's wedding" is a musical! Ha!


  • At February 11, 2005 2:38 PM, Blogger psesito said…

    "gay-best-bud-second-banana"Oh my god, what does it means second-banana? ¿Segundo plátano?

    It seems that you like long words, no wonder why you chose German as a third language.

  • At February 12, 2005 12:38 AM, Blogger DramaKing said…

    "Second banana" is an expression that means "secondary character". It's used to describe someone who is in a secondary role, and to rather emphasize his non-primary nature.



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