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Sunday, February 13, 2005

The other day I had the "interesting" experience of going through a motivational speech. And it lasted 4 hrs. Geez.

The CEO of the company I work for right now has this thing were he periodically talks to his employees, motivates them and shows them who's "boss", and "the man", and "the shit", and everything. We don't call it his "ego trip", but rather his "deluxe ego vacation". It was almost laughable. If it hadn't been so bad. This guy is a former football player from my school, he studied the same major as me and now is the head of the corporation I work for (yes, darlings, bad karma always comes back to bit you in the ass... the lesson: never think you're better than anybody because someday they'll be your boss, ha!).

Ok, the talk in itself was horrid. He had this nifty little PowerPoint presentation with sound effects and videos. He was almost flamboyantly religious and "faithful". He said the recent tsunami was an "obvious" consequence of atomic bomb testing. He mentioned how he had prayed to some saint to give him a son, and how he finally had one (yes, apparently the two daughters he already had were such a burden he had to go pray to a higher power). He mentioned how smart and successful he is; many times. He kept interrupting the talk to answer his cell phone; granted, it was because of his sick mother, but every single call he answered had nothing to do with her. His talk lacked any structure or real coherence. Because of the staggering duration, he went way past other people's work hours and was deeply insulted when a poor schmuck asked for permission to go help his mom at her business. All in all, it was an "experience".

Anyways, since I knew I was going to be stuck there for a while, I decided to appreciate my time and reflect a little. And, for some strange reason, I had a small epiphany. It was the strangest thing. After the super stupid talk, the CEO guy actually began talking about his career and how it had been hard trying to make it in the business world... and this was actually somewhat interesting, to have someone else tell you their own trials and tribulations about "making it" in this crazy world. Anyways, during that section of his "odyssey of self-discovery", I began thinking about my own life. And I realized a few things. They're too much to include right now, but it was eye-opening.

I think it's very healthy to take a little time every now and then to take a real good look at yourself, at what you've done and where you're going. I mean a REAL and HONEST look. I think lots of us try not to because we're afraid of what we might see. Being honest with oneself is an enlightening experience, I highly recommend it, hehe.


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