Saturday, February 12, 2005

My aunt told my mom that she had heard of some job scam down in Puerto Vallarta. Some girls had been recluted up here and brought down to sell condos, but where never paid. Yikes! That made me nervous. I hope my new job isn't a scam, that would suck on soooo many levels.

I'm starting to get kind of tired of my current job. Yes, I've only been online for a week, but that's enough. Yes, it does feel nice to help people who are practically scared to death by computers, but that only makes it sort of bearable. I want a job that will challenge me a little more. This job isn't "fun". And I want "fun". Where will I find? I dunno, not sure. Will I ever find it? Not sure either. Will I ever grow up and stop being such a baby? Hope so. Someday.


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