Saturday, February 19, 2005

Today an old friend came over for supper. It had been a good while since I had seen him. We're not terribly close, but I really do think he's a great guy and since we're both in the same field it's always fun to talk to him. He's very smart and is a brilliant porgrammer. He's also just gotten into the first year of an internet café he started with two other buds.

I sometimes think about his life and see how difficult things can be, and I realize (once again) that I'm just a big baby. He had many of the same opportunities as I did, yet for one reason or another, he was unable to appreciate them.

Life for unclear reasons, takes us down different paths. Where will these paths lead? Good question. But the road is long, and the detours, many.

While truckin down the road of life
Although all hope seems gone
I just move on...
When I can't find a single star
To hang my wish upon
I just move on
I move on...

-Fred Ebb


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