Saturday, March 05, 2005

If there's one thing I HATE it's selfish people. I myslef am quite selfish, so maybe this stems from self-esteem issues. Anyways, I really do HATE it when you're on a bus and you want to sit down but even though there is only one person on the two-person seat, they are sitting on the place that is not next to the window... so they are BLOCKING your acess to the window-seat... SO YOU WON'T SIT DOWN NEXT TO THEM! ASSHOLES!

Ok, ok... maybe they have their reasons. But it's just SOOOO anoying. If you weren't sitting there originally because someone else was there, and then this person got off and left the window-seat empty, SCOOT OVER! I mean it's common courtesy. Sheesh. If you want to ride alone, pay for a fucking taxi!

Ok, rant is now over. Thanx.


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