Monday, March 21, 2005

I remember when the gay-marriage spree began about a year ago. In Frisco people were a-gettin' hitched! It was amazing, revolutionary, incredible! Of course it didn't last... but nothing wonderful ever really does.

My ex mentioned it to me. "Isn't it amazing? It's finally happening!". I remember telling him "Oh, please. There will probably be a huge conservative backlash, just you wait". Truthfully, I had NO idea just how HUGE the backlash would actually be... I was just being a completely negative asshole (as was the usual dynamic between me and my ex, but let's not go there, too many issues still pending). Anyways, it turned out to be true, the backlash. And it stung like few things ever have.

Recently, in California, an obviously "renegade" judge ruled that you can't amend the state constitution to discriminate people (i.e. ban gay marriage). Wow, I wonder how long it will last this time. Is it just plain cruel to wave equal rights in front of people and then take them away? Doesn't that just demoralize everyone involved?

Well, all I know is that we can't stop. We cannot let setbacks stop us from doing what we know is right. I do believe we have come a very long way, and I thank God for letting me be alive in such an exciting moment in time.


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