Life, life, everywhere...

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I live in the jungle. And I mean this literally.

Next to my apartment building is this empty lot that looks like a wildlife refuge. Green, green, green. Every morning, I see the clouds touch the nearby mountain tops. It's quite pretty.

But... all this life everywhere has it's downside. First of all, lots of life means lots of bugs. I HATE bugs. They make me squirm. I won't even get started on flying bugs, they just bring me to the point of convulsion. Hate them, hate them, hate them. Sadly, this place has a LOT of bugs. Luckily, my apartment only has lots of ants, and thankfully I can take ants. It also doesn't have cockroaches, which is good. Actually, there are few cockroaches here... in their place are small little geckos. They're these small little lizard-like things. I have yet to determine which are more disgusting. At least geckos seem dry.

The downside of so much life? So much life.


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