Rhetorical questions (sort of)

Monday, March 21, 2005

(Written during a sort of bizarre "jealous rage"/anxiety attack):

Why are we (and the heart) SOOOOOO slow to learn?

Why do we like particular people and not others who may seem more worthy of our affection?

Why don't we just become honest with our feelings and let the pieces fall where they may? Hell, they might even fall to places more stable and content. Or not...

Why does pride (and occasionally prejudice) always get in the way? Isn't this foolish beyond words? Aren't we supposed to be smarter than this?

Is there anything more glorious than suffering for love? (Btw, are some of us just plain addicted to hurting?).

Why aren't we just sincere with each other instead of lashing out ever so cruelly and then pretending it doesn't sting (when we clearly know it does, and heavily)?

What if I were to give up everything for you? What if you let me down? How would I ever recover?

Why is love so easy to give... and yet so hard to receive? (Sondheim)

Got any answers? Honestly, I'd LOVE to hear them.


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