The talented Mr. Ewing

Sunday, March 13, 2005

It was without a doubt love at first sight. I got off the plane and there he was. And he was waiting for me. Unreal.

Ok, I mean he wasn't like devastatingly handsome. But his tall, slim, well-built frame was just what I found attractive. His cool t-shirt (which highlighted his toned arms) and bell-bottom jeans were fantastic. He had a very friendly face and a warm smile... and he even talked about living in NYC and having taken a year off from school to do community service up in a rural mountain community!... it was love.

Every time I came upon him here at work, I sighed. Cheesy? Of course! Love? Of course! He was just wonderful. A little bit shy, a little bit quiet. He looked so handsome in his shirt and pants. An angel. Love.

When we went on the local Art Walk and he was absent I asked why. He had gone to the movies with a girl, I was told. A girl? No way. It was obviously a friend. Maybe a cousin. Or his sister. You never really know. You can't judge people so quickly. After all, this was love.

Me and my roomie went over to his apartment to make plans to go out. He was in shorts and a T-shirt, very rugged and beach-bummy. Too cute. We talked a while. About our backgrounds and such. "Wait? What did he say? He didn’t study Engineering¡?!?!?!" Ok, ok... not a plus, but he definitely deserved another chance. It's so unfair to discriminate people just because of what they chose to study. Even if their major was kind of lame. Love conquers all.

Him and his extremely gay roomie invited us over to play video games. I was all like "Huh? He likes to play video games all day? Wha????" And it was sadly true. He was glued to the damn screen like an 8 yr old. Geez.

I suppose the last straw came when we all actually went out and we stopped by to pick up his date. A girl. Fuck. Thankfully, by then I was quite disenchanted with him, so it didn't even hurt that much. Sort of. Still, he was mine. But in the end, I was more like "You can keep him, sista'".

It was quite a wonderful feeling, tho; love. Even if it only lasted a week. Here's to those who inspire this feeling in all of us. And here's to you, Mr. Ewing.

"Oh, but it's sad when a love affair dies" (Rice).


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