Terri Shiavo

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Ok, it was inevitable. Here is my take on this...

This girl died a long time ago. Just let her fade away like nature intended and stop force-feeding her (there are laws against this in the US). It's been 15 years. Let her go.

Ok, now comes the irony. This is NONE OF MY BUSINESS. My opinion, or anybody else's, does NOT matter here. This is a decision that SOLELY belongs to her family. Specifically, her husband. A spouse is your partner for life, and they replace your immediate family in importance. Deal with it. Yes, he is living with another woman... hey life does indeed go on. The thing people forget is that he made this decision A LONG TIME AGO. Not yesterday. He's been in this battle for 8 years, to help end the life that seems cruel and unnecessary for his wife.

Why are so many people praying and trying to bring her water and making fruitless legal appeals? Because people are SELFISH. Of course we don't want our loved ones to die. We'd do anything to keep them with us, even if it means having them hooked up to a machine and behaving like a vegetable. This is selfish human nature. It's actually braver to bite the bullet and say goodbye.

Yes, "starving to death" is awfully nasty. So is dehydration. Terri is going through both of these. But, news flash... SHE DOESN'T KNOW IT OR FEEL IT. A plant doesn't feel it, it just dies. So will she. Like I said, as a human being she died long ago.

And now for the politicians. Disgusting. Passing special laws to help this woman. What are they doing?!?!?! A special session for Congress and having the President fly in to sign their bill. All you need is an elephant to complete the circus... oh wait, there already is one on the Republican logo. It's a circus, then. Aren't there more pressing problems that could actually benefit more from special congressional sessions? Not enough publicity? Oh, it figures...Frank Rich blasts these clowns in a spectacular way. Shame on them for trying to take advantage of one family's personal pain for their own gain. Shame on Jeb Bush (for trying to win points for his presidential campaign; he tried passing a law in 2003 to “help” Terri, only to have it destroyed by the Florida Supreme Court… if she dies, he’ll get burned… which he deserves for butting his nose into this issue). Shame on W (for helping Jeb out… in fact, shame on him for everything he says and does…. except maybe for helping recognize Palestine). Shame on Congress (for trying to undermine the power invested in every State in a federal union… this is an outrage to anyone who truly believes in the American political system). Shame on the right-wing media (for being assholes). Shame, shame, shame...


  • At March 28, 2005 1:17 PM, Blogger TJandANGELA said…

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  • At March 28, 2005 1:24 PM, Blogger TJandANGELA said…

    Hey dramaKing... regarding your post on my blog...

    I agree that if a P.O.A. is not assigned than the next of kin (a.k.a. a spouse then parents) should be allowed to give instructions written in a LIVING WILL...

    If there is no living will I believe that there should be a court hearing on behalf of the disabled person.

    If there is found to be suffucuent evidence that the person would want to be disconnected from life-sustaining services than that request should be honored... but if there is reasonable doubt that the disabled person's wishes are undecided or more on the side of life - than as President Bush said "It is better to er on the side of life"

    Here is the reasonable doubt as it relates to Terri:

    1. When she was admitted into the hospital there is sworn testimony from doctors that she had strangulation injuries along with what appears to be a heart-related colapse which prevented oxygen from reaching her brain... AND

    2. There is sworn testimony from one of her closest friends that her & Michael had fought over how much she had spent at the hair salon the night before she colapsed...

    3. She DID NOT have a living will

    4. Her friends say that she made references to wanting brain-damamged people to have the right to live when a similar case was happening in 1976.

    5. Michael stands on the fact that Terri commented on "Life-Support" regarding their grandmother who had an actual life-sustaining system hooked up to her.

    6. Michael stands to inherit even more money after Terri passes.

    7. Terri's parents have offered to take care of her - Michael wont have it.

    8. Someone offered to pay Michael 10,000,000 to leave her alone - He still would not accept.

    9. If he truly loved her he would not have started a new family with another woman - remember that line "In sickness and in health"?

    10. Michael denied Terri any rehabilitation & pocketed most of the 1.4 million he was awarded for HER CARE. I wonder why Michael who loves his wife SO MUCH would deny her the possibility of rehabilitation... hmmmmm.

    11. Terri is NOT on life support - all she needs is to be fed a little differently ... walk into any hospital and ask them to show you a patient on life support... I will guarantee that you will see a lot more attached to the person than a feeding tube.

    Plus who are we to say that sitting in a bed & making noises is not a good life? She gets to spend countless hours with people who love & serve her - plus I am sure her mind is not on what is going on outside her hospice room.

    This reminds me so much of the abortion advocates argument -

    "I know that baby would not want to be brought up in that poor & broken family - let it die... it will be happier that way"

    We are NOT God & if you reflect on your life you will see that suffering creates endurance & character... and if we start trying to judge what suffering is allowed in peoples lives compared to our own standards... than we are missing the bigger picture of why the suffering was created in the first place.


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