Creationism vs. Evolution

Monday, April 04, 2005

I was recently horrified by the news that some IMAX theaters had chosen not to show a nature documentary because the mere mention of Evolution might "offend" some of the public. WHAT!?!?! Some of the dumb as dirt red-neck public, no doubt.

Anyways, I discussed this with 'tino the other day and he confessed he had not read any of the Creationist theories... and sadly, neither had I. I felt this was a challenge, and so off I went into cyberspace to find out what the Creationists had up their sleeves. It's always good to know what you're enemy uses as ammo.

So I did a Google-powered mini-research project that lead to a variety of Creationist theories (wasn't there only one???). Here is a brief description of the most popular ones.

My conclusion? People who beieve in Creationism over Evolution are obviously stupid. But it's probably not their fault, they're obviously retarded because their parents were first cousins. This, by the way, is behavior that is mentioned in the Bible, so it's perfectly moral and good. GOT IT?!?!?

Haha. Anyway, (a little more) seriously, the only real idea in the whole Creationist pool that has any weight is the Intelligent Design Theory. All the other theories are kind of chop-ups of the Evolution theory with God inserted at random intervals. Sad, really... not to mention unoriginal.

"Intelligent Design" is based on the fact that life by itself was too stupid to have evolved. Ok, ok, not really... rather, it is highly unlikely that evolution occurred "unaided". The "intelligent Designer’s" identity is not answered in this theory.. it can be anyone from super smart aliens to a religious being... say, God, for example. It's still not too convincing, in my opinion.

I guess the important fact here is that even Evolution is still a THEORY. It has not been proven so as to become a LAW. (Like Newton's laws and those in thermodynamics and what not). There are some fuzzy patches and unexplained facts in the theory. There have even been rumors of scientists discovering evidence that directly contradicted the theory of Evolution... and that the dogmatic scientific community covered up their findings. Yikes.

Still, Evolution is the most widely accepted theory in science. Should other theories be taught alongside it? Well, of course. To do otherwise would be against scientific thought and principle. Dogma belongs in the temple. Reasoning, questioning and understanding belongs in science... and in the classroom. And IMAX theaters, hehe.


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