Thursday, April 07, 2005

I am proud to announce that I have FINALLY made my editorial debut, haha. Sort of. By ways of a few translations, hahaha. Yes, I've officially been "discovered". ;-)

The company I work for has a quarterly tourist guide they publish, with articles about Vallarta and stuff. So this time I participated with the translation of some of them.

My boss started out by asking me to help him with translating a restaurant review he made, from Spanish to English. I casually mentioned the fact I had gotten a [coff, coff] perfect score on the TOEFL, so I guess he took notice, ha!

After that, the guys in the editorial department asked me to help them out with a few other articles for this, their biggest issue ever. It was quite fun. Translating is not really writing, but it does have lots of creativity involved. You have to re-write lots of passages and ideas that just don't sound right in another language. I guess it has a lot more to do with understanding another culture than just speaking another language. And I'm pretty into American culture having grown up alongside the border with the US (and blogging in English, ha!).

So far I've gotten two free dinners and will await my first payment for my work. The writer’s life is definitely for me, :P

From here to the New York Times!!! Ha!


  • At April 08, 2005 10:39 AM, Blogger SJES said…

    I need a formal spanish-english translator...are you interested? It would be in your "free" time. Of course I'd pay you.

    Let me know...Seriously.


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