Sunday, April 24, 2005

I've come under some creative stress lately. The people here at work routinely come up with extremely creative handles (the names you give yourself while on IM... in our case, MSN Msgr). And to top it all off, they change them EVERY frikin' day! YIKES! Don't these people do any work? Haha.

This one girl always uses some kind of fruit or vegetable in her handle, sometimes making a rhyme, sometimes evoking a common saying, sometimes just being really creative, haha. She's been a tempting and forbidden apple, a rock and roll orange, lemon with broth, solitary cilantro stem, etc. She's cool.

There's this other guy who just puts weird ass handles and accompanies them with weird ass pictures that show up in the chat window (avatars). He's been a homicidal Ronald McDonald, a rabid bunny rabbit and V for Vendetta, haha. He clearly has issues. Anyways, he gets less points because he changes them only every other day.

This last guy is, in my opinion, the best. He usually makes long extremely odd phrases, like "Scream of a child about to be crushed by a bus... in a bag"; some gross associations, like oregano martini; and some awesome wordplay, like Morbus vivendi. What I like most about his handles is that they don't have any sort of style or rules. They're just really impressive expressions of creativity. Neat. And they're new ever single day. Yikes.

Anyways, to combat this daily onslaught of expression, I've come up with my own set of handles. They're quotes from authors I like. The "quirky quirk" I've added is that even though I enjoy them and are usually my favorites, they're senseless out of context, haha. Like "They were us" (Saramago), or "He was a living rage" (Rulfo), or "She made a transaction" (Woolf). I dunno, I guess it's kinda silly, but I kind of want to parody people who use their handles for really long and boring motivational quotes or who want to let everybody know they read or something, haha. I guess personal expression is fun. Isn't that why people blog? Go figure.


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