Sick and "Desperate"

Monday, April 18, 2005

I was sick over the weekend, I caught a bad cold. I'm still feeling a little weak, but generally better. Thanks for asking... sheesh. Haha.

Since I was feverish and sneezing, I stayed home and saw TV. Whoah. It had been a good while since I had sat down to just watch TV for an unspecified amount of time. I really do like it, it's just that ever since I moved away from home, I've never had one of my own and have since sort of lost the habit. Which isn't all that bad, there are just so few hours in the day and the ones I got back from NOT watching TV barely get me through, haha.

Anyways, there I was, sitting on the couch and watching TV. And on came a marathon of "Desperate Housewives". I was ecstatic. I had only caught this show two or three times before, but I really enjoyed how refreshingly different it was... it's basically a prime-time soap opera, I know, but still, it's impeccably dark humor always strikes a chord with me.

This show is a perfect satire that exposes the hellish existence that is modern suburban life. It's like the complete opposite of "Leave it to beaver", haha. I love the way it reveals the quite little absurdities that lie beneath family life (as I mentioned before). Here's is my take on the main characters:

Bree. For me, she is the most exquisitely beautiful of the quartet. Perfectly sweet and composed one minute, menacing and "desperate" the next. Here icy cool demeanor sends shivers down my spine.... yet the warmth she is sometimes capable of expressing is touching. A great character.

Lynnete. My second favorite character. Since she's the only one with small children, you get to see her agonize at rearing young en’s. It's great how they make no effort to hide how she sometimes loathes her kids AND her husband... and yet you feel she really does love them to death all the same. Ambivalence always makes for really interesting characters, and this one is no exception. She'd be my favorite if only Felicity Hufman were more of a looker, haha. But I think that wouldn't fit Lynnette.

Gabrielle. Honestly, my least favorite housewife. I find her to be the least interesting of all the female characters (even Edie, the bitch/slut on wheels... nice facelift, btw, Nicolette Sheridan..yikes), kinda like the "weakest link". She's probably the least developed character and the one with less screen time... so maybe we shouldn't be too harsh, haha. The best thing about her was the gardener she was screwing around with. You just can't get much HOTTER than that guy... whew... I feel the fever coming back, oh my...

Susan. I've always been a Teri Hatcher fan (no, I wasn't just about her boobs, ok?). Hers is obviously the "everywoman" character that is sort of the focal point of the story and the one your most meant to identify with. But the best part about this show is that you can totally identify with ALL the women (ok, maybe not Gabrielle, but she's the weak link, remember?). Having been a pseudo-house-wife myself ever so briefly, I have to admit that this show captures the sheer essence of looking at the world from the sometimes claustrophobic interiors of a home.

I love the fact that they show all sides of suburbia: the funny side, the sweet side, the sad side, the depressingly obvious side that we try so hard to hide and ignore, etc. These women embody modern society, especially it's hypocritical, illogical and cruel ways. This is us, and that's why it's so fascinating to watch... it's so true it actually stings a little. Great TV. Hopefully this show will signal the end of the whole REALITY TV shit tsunami that has engulfed TV.

... and the damn shoe even has a mystery subplot! COOL!


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