Stephen Sondheim's "Passion"

Monday, April 04, 2005

This is probably my favorite musical, ever. Strangely, Stephen Sondheim's Passion initially didn't attract my attention.

Being a Sondheim-head, I taped the original Broadway production when it was televised on PBS and didn't even bother seeing it until almost a year later.

When I finally did, wow. It was filled with such a subtle emotional energy I was almost overwhelmed... to tears (yes, even after all these years). It's the basic girl meets boy story. Or rather, the homely and sickly girl meets handsome and buff boy, who by the way already has a lover who coincidentally is already married to another guy. Fun, fun. The ugly girl pretty much begs the pretty boy to love her and it all ends rather tragically. Oh, and they sing some wonderfully melodic and lyrical tunes. Quite a treat. Hauntingly beautiful and emotionally powerful.

Btw, I'm a total show queen, in case you hadn’t noticed. ;-)


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