Vocational Speech to son/daughter

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Honey, you'll be heading of to college in a little while, so I want you to start thinking about what you're going to pursue as a major. Notice that I didn't say "profession", I just said "major". This means I want you to start deciding what you will be dedicating your academic energy to at university.

The truth is that it's most likely you will NOT work in the area you will study; so don't stress too much about this decision. I just don't want you to make some huge-ass mistake, like studying engineering with no math skills. I want you to choose an area that interests you and that you consider fun and challenging to work on for several hours a day. You probably won't dedicate that much energy to it (you are my offspring), but just to make sure studying won't be complete torture.

What you pretty much need to think about is which general area of knowledge you like the most. Be it science/engineering, humanities, business, etc. Don't get too specific, like law or chemistry... what we need to find out is what doesn’t drive you insane.

What if you like more than one thing? Well, that means you're a freak and you'll on the perimeter of society for the rest of your life... just kidding!, isn't your old man a gas? Hahaha. Anyways, this is quite common and not really a disadvantage at all. By having equally strong interest in two unrelated areas, you will be able to either a)Combine the two as complimentary traits and thus have a competitive advantage, or b) Take a shot at one, and if that fails, try the other. This really shouldn't take away too much of your sleep darling, like I said, try and concentrate your energy on not blowing it big time in choosing a major. As long as you find things you think are interesting and that excite you, they're keepers. And relax, you will still have two years of general courses to figure it out.

Think of university as an opportunity to grow as a person, not so much to learn a profession (this is what trade schools are for, luv, not Uni). Take in all the ideas thrown at you, don't believe them all, make up your own mind. Always give you best effort; no matter what the outcome, you’ll be proud of your work. Wondering what might have been is nasty… and kind of sad. Talk to and interact with all kinds of people; make decisions on what you will learn from them and what you will throw away. Hanging around with the same people all the time will make for boring discussions and little personal growth. But don't get me wrong, when you find real friends, treasure them and never let them go.

Now, as for sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.... got ask your other father...


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