Conversation over martinis

Friday, May 20, 2005

GERMY: The first three movies were just soooo good, it's a shame.

WORK COLLEAGUE: Yeah, they're like pop culture icons.

G: My parents went to see the first movie when they were dating! Ha!

W: Who knew the next couple of movies would be so bad.

G: I loved Natalie Portman's costumes and hair.

W: Yeah, that was hands down the best part of the fourth movie. The fifth one just stank.

G: I heard George Lucas said that while the first three movies were big with the over-25 crowd, that the new movies had really resonated with the under-25's. Dude! How self-deluded can you get? The last two movies SUCKED; whether you were under or over 25, or 35, 95 or whatever.

W: Maybe he was referring to the under-25-weeks crowd.

G: Ha. Maybe. Seriously; toddlers love colors and shit.

W: The first movies rule, though.

G: Yeah, you go girl.

W: And the funny part is that some of the most recognizable actors never really made anything interesting afterwards.

G: Yeah. I think Luke Skywalker held up a 7-Eleven or something...

W: I mean nobody even remembers these people's names! Do you know what Luke Skywalker's real name was?

G: Mark Hamill.

W: Huh? Oh, ummm, Princess Leia?

G: Carrie Fisher.

W: Grrr... you're good.

G: Zas, culera!!!*

*Spanish expression, meaning, roughly, "You got served, bitch!"


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