Eye of the designer

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I was taking some heat from my boss the other day. It seems I was given a sketch from this outside designer guy (who is kinda hot, did I already mention that?); anyways, I was given a draft of what he wanted the web page to look like. So I implemented it. According to my boss I missed a lot of small but significant details, and that I should really learn to look at everything through a designer's point of view; that I should develop a designer’s eye. SHIT. This job suddenly turned out to be SO MUCH MORE difficult than I ever imagined! Hahahaha.

Well, it’s going to be quite a challenge. I mean I’ve never really cared very much about fonts or text sizes or “serif” vs. “sans-serif” fonts and shit. I think I have an OK eye for color and color combinations… but only to a point. Oh well, ready or not, here comes Germy, developer cum designer…. Geez. I think it’s appropriate for the world too tremble in fear now, haha. You know, it actually seems a little exciting… I mean other than confusing and terrifying… haha.


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