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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ok, I like Kylie Monigue. BIG DEAL! Anyways, even though most of her tunes are pop/techno fare (some of which are pretty good... as far as the genre goes), there is this one song that I find particularly enthralling. It was recommended to me by one of "me workmates" back in jolly good London town. He didn't really like Kylie at all, but said this was her best song. I have to agree.

It's called Confide in Me. If you can download it, please do, I highly recommend it (I just did... and I LOVE downloading illegaly, don't you????). It has a nice haunting quality, sort of a melancholic plea for closeness. The strings in the background are stellar. Pretty deep shit, for Kylie at least. Kudos.


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