Sunday, May 01, 2005

Recently some guy here at work was wooing me. It was kind of my fault because I didn't really know anybody, so I hung around with him a lot. I think I might have given him the wrong impression. He's the gay roommate of the now ever so un-talented Mr. Ewing.

Anyways, he's actually an ok guy. He's pretty cultured in art, he's a graphic designer and does some neat work here at the quarterly magazine they publish were I work. I have to admit that since I have no graphic talents of my own, I'm always fascinated by the beautiful things these people can create. Amazing. Anyways, he knows a lot about painting and gave me a crash course in contemporary art when we visited the local Art Walk. He has an amazingly wide vocabulary and always has witty things to say. Generally, someone I might even consider dating material.

On problem. I'm not really physically attracted to him. Uh oh. Ok, ok... first of all, I REALLY do not believe in judging people by their external attributes. I've gone out with cute guys only to be nearly bored to death. Which is nasty. But still... I mean even if I think the guy is REALLY great, has a wonderful personality and is really funny and all, if there's no real sexual tension, I just loose interest. It's that simple. This guy is a little too short, a little too skinny. He's actually kind of handsome and cute... but as a whole, he just doesn't "do it" for me.

I dunno, I mean no matter how you view it, physical looks do play an important part in what attracts us to other people. That's just the way it is. So much for being an equal opportunity Germy... sheesh. How important are looks? I guess it depends on the person... and what that person is looking for. Honestly, if a guy does not inspire me to get into his pants, I don't think we have much of a chance at hooking up. Sadly. Don't get me wrong, I value personality MUCH more than looks... still, looks do have some weight in the issue.

Dammit, I feel all frivolous and superficial now. Great.


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