Sick... again

Sunday, May 01, 2005

I was sick again this weekend. :(

I finally went to the doctor on Friday and he said I had a nasty throat, nose and ear infection. Yikes. He put a camera thing in my throat and pointed to this monitor and said "Look! Look! See how red it is in there... now look in your ear!"

You know, I think there's a reason God did nto give us the abbility to see inside our own tubes. It's DISGUSTING! YUCK! I soooo could have taken his word for it and NOT seen it...

Anyways, he prescribed some antibiotics and even a shot! So there I go, to buy the shot and then to a small hospital to have it "given to me". This lady nurse tells me to go to the back. Yikes. Then it's this small room with an examining table. She comes in and tells me the shot is on my butt. DAMMMIT! And it's a female nurse... SHIT. Anyways, I undue my belt and pull down my pants and noice she doesn't even CLOSE the fucking DOOR! Sheeesh! Is there no more prudence or respect for the sick? Is there no fear of GOD?!?!?! Anyways... as I pull down my underwear and lie down to "get it from behind", she pulls it up and says "Whoa partner, you don't have to pull it down so low"... and, internally, I'm like "Oh yeah, sorry, I guess I was confusing this with ANAL SEX, coff, coff... my bad". So she gave me the shot, and luckily at this age they hurt almost nothing, so it was cool. I've learned to NOT tense up during shots (I used to when I was little and it would practically paralyze my entire leg! OUCH!). Now, with experience, I'm really loose... ha!

Anyways, I've been feeling better and hopefully will return to work tomorrow. Thanks for asking!.... punks...


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