Summer flicks

Thursday, May 19, 2005

With the summer movie tide coming steadily along, teh flicks have failed to really ignite my interest in any way. I'm usually kind of snobby with my movie selections, but I'm always game for a fun and exciting summer blockbuster. I was looking at some trailers at Apple and I was pretty disappointed.

First of all, the Batman Begins trailer completely underwhelmed me. I did NOT look like the original Tim Burton series, so, in my mind, it was already crap, haha. Also, it completelylacks the "coolness" factor, and you don't even see the villain adequately! (Supposedly The Scarecrow").

The last Star Wars movie will most likely SUCK. Since th last flicks SUCKED, chances are 2 to 3 this one will follow tow. I've heard fair reviews so far, so this might even be a surprise. Still, I don't really feel much excitement for it. Well, sort of... hopefully Princess Amidala will have kick-ass costumes...

War of the Worlds at least "looks" cool and actually has a good trailer. I hope they fry the little blond girl, she's terribly annoying, haha.

Fantastic 4 also has a neat trailer, but generally looks same-ol, smae-ol... except for this really hot guy named Chris Evans. But don't ALL super-hero movies have a really hot guy now? Yawn...

Does anybody have any better suggestions? Otherwise, I'll just have to wait for X-Men 3. =D


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