Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Vallarta recently turned 87 and to celebrate they hold an pen-air concert with some big name artist. Last year it was Juan Gabrel, and this year it was none other than Alejandro Fernández!!! Oh my god! This guy is just unbelievably hot and sexy!!! And he has a killer voice to boot! Ha, take that, hot and talented! Add to this the secret gay rumors that swirl around his home state of Jalisco (where Vallarta is) and I HAD TO BE AT THAT CONCERT! hahaha.

Since they publish a local guide here in my company, they got some press passes and me and the gringa pal went to "cover" the event (yeah, with a point-and-shoot camera, haha). Anyways, the streets were PACKED (it was free, hello) and we got to sit right next to the stage!!! WOW!! It was soooo cool! When he came out he looked SOOOOO handsome in his Mexican charro outfit, I almost fainted (ok, not really, but you get the picture).

He sang pretty much non-stop for 2+ hours. And this was good since his public speaking is pretty lousy (just like his dad's, haha). What did you expect? You can't have it all, haha. And WOW, he has such a powerful voice, it's impressive to hear him belt out those high notes. No wonder he was chosen to undersutdy Pavarotti in a recent "Three Tenors concert" in MTY. Be still me heart! What a dreamboat!


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