Sunday, June 19, 2005

Awww, I "broke up" with the guy I met last Saturday. Weirdly, we weren't even going out. But it sure felt like a break-up.

Ok, first off, let me clear up some stuff. When I went home with him last week, after I picked him up (or he picked me up?), we didn't go "all the way", but let's just say we got to know each other pretty well, haha. Anyways, we spent all Sunday together, which was really sweet. On Monday night he called me and I invited him for some drinks on Tuesday (2x1 martini's man! awesome!). So we went...

Man, going to a 2x1 bar on a weekday is a NO-NO! Why don't I learn?!?!? This is not the first time I get shit-faced and have to go to work the next morning. DAMMIT! Anyways, while I was getting pretty drunk with this guy, we got to talking and it was fun and stuff. Then we headed to the club where we had met the previous Saturday and the place was almost completely abandoned, haha, but we were quite "happy" at that point and just danced and laughed and drank. It started out quite fun. Then, about an hour and a half later (I think) things got a little too mushy. Let me explain:

This was the second time I had gone out with this guy. SECOND TIME. Even though I had found him fun and cute, I was not totally into him but what willing to go out with him and have some fun. The problem was that this guy got a different impression and began giving signals (quite literal ones) that he wanted to trudge full force into a formal relationship. Ok, let me just make this clear, Germy is all for formal relationships, it's actually what I prefer (see, I'm NOT a slut, ok???? haha)... the problem here was that I really wasn't interested in this guy for a LTR. It was that simple. I kind of got a little cold and he didn't take it all too well. The booze didn't help.

We had planned to go to the movies on Wednesday (they opened a new multiplex here and we wanted to go see Batman Begins) but I cancelled. I dunno, I just didn't want to give this guy a wrong impression. I told him we'd go out on Friday. So Friday came. My plan was to just be honest and tell him I wasn't interested in a LTR (with him, but I was just gonna say in general...). My only hope was that he would agree to just keep going out, no commitment... but that was a long shot. So we saw each other, he was very friendly, but I could sense his defenses were up. So I broke it to him, and he took it quite well, even a little coldly. He offered an open-relationship (WHO EVER INVENTED THAT FUCKING ARRANGEMENT??? I'm a terribly jealous person, so I could NEVER EVER EVER so that...) and I declined. We left the bar and headed towards the cabs. He stopped me on the way and kissed me. I, of course, let myself get kissed. We continued walking... and he did it again. Awwwwww. Then he walked me to my cab. I was a little sorry, I mean we had great chemistry and we had lots of fun. It's just that... oh, I dunno, lost of things. This guy didn't really do it for me; maybe it's too soon... I don't know. It was just a melancholy moment.

He texted me yesterday, but I was out with friends and didn't answer. Why prolong the hurt.

Oh, btw, my roommate R went and told everybody at the office that I didn't come home last Saturday night, that little weasel! Great, now I'm officially the office slut. Hahahaha! And not only that, there was this other guy from the office that night, someone I do NOT hang out with at all, and apparently he also saw me making out like crazy with this guy in mid-dance-floor. Oh well, so much for my image as a nice and quiet developer...


  • At June 20, 2005 8:51 AM, Blogger SJES said…

    You don't cease to surprise me. It only took you 6 paragraphs (more or less, I'm writing this by memory, sorry) to share with us the begginning, middle and end? of a relationship. Hehe. You're the best. What I really admire is your ability to take quick decisions based on your instincts. I tend to have more problems in that area.

    Anyways. Best of luck. If something does not feel right, don't do it. And try not to go out for drinks on weekdays. That stuff will kill you. Besides, that's what weekends are for, isn't it?

  • At June 20, 2005 10:43 AM, Blogger DramaKing said…

    Well, I mean the "relationship" lasted a week man! Haha, so it's not that surprising.

    And it really wasn't that easy a decision. I mean it was instinctive and all, but I did have my doubts during those few days between our last date and our "breakup". Still, like you said, if it doesn't feel right, don't do it. And that certainly holds tru for long-term relationships.


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