Conversation over beers

Monday, June 13, 2005

GERMY: Yeah, that sounds pretty weird.
M: I know, he was totally a faggot.
G: Ahemmm, that's HOMOSEXUAL.
M: Oh, umm, yeah, sorry...
G: Did you know I was gay?
M: *Eyes widen* NO... dude, I'm sorry!
G: That's ok, just be respectful.
M: Oh I am, really!
G: Sure.
M: No, really, I had a lot of gay friends in college.
G: Good for you...
M: Yeah, I mean they were really good pals, some of them.
G: You don't say...
M: I mean I studied design, there were tons of 'em.
G: No shit...
M: Yeah, I even kissed a guy once!
G: What?
M: Yeah, I was really drunk and thigns got kind of out of hand, but it was all in good fun. But I've never gone farther than that, but I'm cool with anybody who does.
G: Ok, TMI.
M: Oh, ok, sorry... one of my friends even came on to me once, and I was like "Hey, I have no problem with that, I just don't do that sort fo thing".
G: Ok, drop it! You're not a homophobe, point taken.
M: See!
G: Shush!... waiter, more beer!
M: Amen to that...


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