Last night I found some of my college gay buddies online. We went into this group chat and it was fun. Quite a "queer" bunch in all senses of the word, haha. It was the strangest thing, but we all became friends in various classes during the first few years of university, and then in the last year we all came out to each other and started going out together, which turned out to be good times all the way. They're all as tasteless and vulgar as ever, which is fabulous, hehe. Btw, the one who got accepted to MIT also got an internship at Qualcomm! GEEZ! Who did this guy fuck to be in such demand?!?!?!

Anyways, we were trading free gay porn sites (like good friends always do!) and it got me thinking about pornography in general... I think my next "Germy takes on..." post will tackle this very interesting topic... you've been warned...


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