New Apartment

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Well, I moved into a new apartment, only I know have TWO roommates. Here's the story, in short:

When my old roomy announced he was leaving the company, I saw it as my chance to finally get my own apartment (I've always dreamed of having my own place to do naughty things in, hahaha). But the places I started looking at that were in my price range were not really that cool. A view of the beach was out of the question, even getting a pad in the trendy and gay district of the Zona Romántica was too pricey and over 20% of my salary (what is recommended you spend on rent per month).

Anyways, my gringa friend was apartment hunting with me and she came upon a really neat place and moved in with this other girl from work. It was very spacious, had a beautiful view of the beach and was not that expensive. It turned out that the apartment right next to it became vacant a few days later and, well, me and two other guys from work decided to go for it. The place is even bigger and has a better view of the ocean, haha. Sadly, we have no furniture, so it looks empty... or spacious, depending on your point of view, hahaha. So now a lot of us people from work live together, and we go out sometimes and stuff, so that's fun. And my share of the rent is REALLY cheap! Hahahaha. Here's to Vallarta living!

P.S. I'm still sleeping on just a mattress, but at least I have a computer! (yeah, my priorities are geeky, 'nuff said).


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