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Friday, June 24, 2005

Ok, this has gone far enough. My boss mentioned to my office mate that he was looking slow on scoring here in Vallarta, that even Germy had already beaten him on the prowl. WHAT?!?!? Now even my frickin' boss knows?!?!? GEEZ!!! Talk about gossipy roomies, you've got to be kidding me, man!...... but in a way I think it's kind of cool for everybody to know I scored, hee hee.

... and I scored a ZERO, by the way. I went out with the guy again, post "break-up" (after getting encouragement from SJES), and it was a HUGE mistake... I'll elaborate on a later post...

As I was leaving to go see a play (I'll elaborate later, also), I mentioned to my roomies "Hey, I know I haven't mentioned it, but if you guys need my computer, you can always use it, s'all yours"... to which one of them replied "Oh, he he, thanks, but you know, after coming home from the office the last thing we need is to sit in front of a monitor". And they subsequently went back to playing their video games, sitting in front of the TV. You've go to be fucking kidding me....


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