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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Since I was getting into the topic of busses, another entertaining aspect about the beach busses (at least for me) are the people who periodically get on the bus to sell stuff.

I had never seen this until I came to live near Central Mexico. Most of these characters are quite annoying. They hawk all sorts of stuff... stationary, candy, meals, photos, drawings, wallets, medicine, vitamins... if you can sell it, someone's probably already tried to do so on a bus in Mexico.

Anyways, some of these sales people are really very young and to see them often makes me think about how lucky I was that I never had the necessity to work when I was their age. So I periodically (not always) buy stuff from them. Anything really, I'm not really very picky. The point is to hand them some cash as a sign of solidarity... I mean they could turn to other ways of earning money that are much less honorable (and legal, for that matter); but they don't, so I buy from them.

Also, I always enjoy when somebody gets on the bus and provides a musical background to the trip. I just really appreciate someone making my journey a little cozier; so I give them a little money. This one time, two guy with guitars started playing this kick-ass version of Juanes' "A Dios le pido". Wow, that was some mean stringin'. Then there was this time when I got on and had the misfortune to hear this little kid singing a capella in his tender yet staggeringly off-key voice. Yikes. I gave him some money anyways, I think, I mean he must have needed it badly. He really sucked, tho.

Once, when I was traveling back to work after lunch with "me work mates", there was this particularly inspired guitarist playing some lovely ballad I can't quite recall. Anyways, I was so moved I decided to give him some coins in appreciation (as I always do); but in doing so, I missed my stop and everyone from work managed to get off... except me, of course. ARRGGGGHHHH! And I had to get off at the next stop... 4 fucking blocks away. And I mean really big block, man. Shit. Needless to say, my respectful and meek work colleagues’ laugh about it to this day and whenever we all get off a bus together, they always tell me to hold someone's hand so I won't get lost again. Sheehs, assholes. Anyways, viva les busses!

P.S. You know, for some really odd reason, I've become quite fond of the guitar while here in PV. There are some cheap lessons here... who knows, I might just take up a new hobby...


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