Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Well, my gay roomie quit and he told NO ONE. Well, the magazine editor and she went and told my boss, which in my opinion was totally loser-ish, but oh well. It turns out she's leaving too! :-O But until August. My boss was kind of down about it and when I got home I found both the editor and my roomie in my apartment talking (conspiring?), haha. It turns out he had gotten the job offer last week (in a local resort in their internal communications department) and it was a spur of the moment thing, the working conditions at the magazine stink, the work was no longer challenging and my boss was driving him crazy (he somehow tends to have that effect of people, haha).

Anyways, my other roomie arrived, then my office mate and so we all got talking about their new plans and it was "Bring out the beer, the cocktail wieners and cheese, the popcorn, the deviled ham pate and the crackers!"; hahaha. It was fun and we stayed up playing domino (Wow, I had no idea there was actually a strategy involved! Cool!).

Anyways, since the editor girl is leaving (and she lives with the gringa girl next door) I seeized the chance and asked if I could move in with the Americana... the editor had already been having some problems with my boss so I had sort of anticipated this for a while, hee hee... the apartment has 3 bedrooms so it fits 3 people fine... but it fits 2 better! haha.

Anyways, "change come fast and change come slow..." (Kushner).


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