Donation night

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ok, last night was interesting.

There was this drag show that was going to be held in the biggest gay club here in Vallarta. This drag queen was showcasing her best numbers (and some new ones) and a percentage of the proceeds were going to the AIDS foundation were I'm volunteering at. Fun was guaranteed, haha.

I bought some tickets and offered to help in any way I could. This wound up being me at the door asking for donations, haha. Whenever someone donated, they got a free condom and free lube. We could NOT fail! Haha. If you gave a hefty donation, you got a flavored condom! (We had, strawberry, mint, vanilla, grape, banana and cola... who the hell knew there were cola-flavored condoms?!?!).

Anyways, I arrived and as I started organizing the condoms by flavor, the first group of gringo's came in. I struck up a conversation and we actually chatted for a bit. All four of them gave money and they each got a different flavor, haha. Turns out I was a little too enthusiastic and was asked to move my stuff further down the entrance hall, away from the ticket counter because I was be a distraction to the customers... SHEESH! The damn manager was some bald bitch on wheels, but it was his way or the high way, so off I went. Bitch...

Anyways, after I moved down the hall it turned out to be perfect because after they payed for their entrance, a lot of people had change, so it was a great chance to work my stuff, haha. It was actually quite fun, since I was "un-supervised" (more on this later) I got to flirt around with guys and ask them for money... and I technically wasn't whoring myself, haha. I can summon up slut-like instincts in a heart beat. But I'm no slut... Germy is more of an equal opportunity flirter... hahaha.

Anyways, after the show started, me and this waiter were exchanging nasty and lust-filled glances, haha (he had this amazing ass! WOW!). Then he came up to me! GASP! But he uttered no indecent proposal, dammit; rather, he said some guy in the front had offered to buy me a drink! Oh my God! That was sooo COOL! That had never happened to me before! Hahaha. I gladly asked for a beer and thanked my benefactor (who was old and ugly, I think...).

The show was actually pretty good. They had some neat choreography (man, those guys look SO much better than regular women, it’s weird) and neat songs. They totally won me over by singing “And I am telling you” from Dreamgirls.

After the show, I said a goodbye to the organizers and made a quick exit before my sugar daddy made me "pay" for the beer, haha.... Viva Vallarta!


  • At July 29, 2005 2:58 PM, Blogger psesito said…

    Well, at least you used your "charm" for something good :)

    I believe you should stop coding and start working for your real goal: Be a tourist guide for a gay resort in Vallarta!

  • At July 29, 2005 5:42 PM, Blogger DramaKing said…

    You know, seriously, ever since I lived in London I've had a secret desire to be a tour guide...hahaha.

    Germy begins to plot... you've been warned...


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