"Germy Rules!": Why do you have that stupid handle? Nobody is allowed to be happy in this office!!!

"I'm happy": Fuck off, I'm happy, deal with it! Why does everybody have a problem with my damn handle?

"Germy Rules!": Because it's just not normal !

"I'm happy": Ok, those are YOUR issues!

"Germy Rules!": Oh, I get it... you mean you're gay.

"I'm happy": What?

"Germy Rules!": Yeah, happy=gay.

"I'm happy": NO!

"Germy Rules!": You got a fucking problem with gay people, chump?!?!?!

"I'm happy": Well, no, I mean.... arrrggghhh!

"Germy Rules!": Actually, thinking about it, I feel really uncomfortable having a gay office mate. Would you please GET THE HELL OUT!

"I'm happy": You are seriously fucked up

"Germy Rules!": Buddy, you don't know the half of it...


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