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Monday, July 11, 2005


Ok, this is a touchy subject in the sense that even though pornography was by far the earliest business to make it big on the internet and has been around pretty much since human beings invented media, it's something that is not very acceptable to talk about (like sex in general). It's considered vile, perverted, vulgar, disgusting and just plain nasty. Germy thinks otherwise.

By porn I'm talking about images and videos, which pretty much make up the whole spectrum of pornographic media available. I think pics are great... I think video is BETTER! hahaha. Hell, even pornographic literature is a hoot! There are plenty or varieties, for EVERYONE, but I'm not even going to go into all the different styles or types or fetishes (that's definitely material for another post), so I'll just limit the scope to media dealing with plain hardcore sex.

I for one LOVE porn. I honestly do. I don't think I'm addicted to it, I can go for days without seeing it and I'm fine. I really just appreciate it as a pleasurable experience for the eyes… and the rest of the senses, haha. Of course, there are many other people who do NOT like porn. And they have a lot of reasons, too.

Does porn denigrate women? Does it foster sexual violence? Does it create sex-mad horny freaks? Geez, these are toughies. I really don't think that the existence of porn denigrates any one particular group (like the existence of books or CD's denigrates anyone in particular, either). The fact that many people choose to portray women in an unflattering light does not necessarily mean porn as a whole is to blame. I think that rather that says a lot about us in general, and it says nothing about the media itself. Guys are misogynistic; porn need not be.

About whether porn fosters sexual violence or creates addicts is also a tough question. Would there be less sexual violence without porn? If the alternative is a more repressed society that shuns porn, I think repression would create more sexual violence; people who couldn't vent their sexual desires/frustrations would be more likely to explode. If a healthy sexuality could be encouraged by society, I think the incidents involving sexual violence would be less, and maybe the need for porn would actually recede. Well, at least for non-single guys, haha.

And that's another thing... let's face it, porn is for GUYS mostly. I once read a study that said women did not respond that much when visually stimulated by porn. On the other hand, guys just ate it up (with their eyes). That's funny, you know, even though us gay guys have a lot abnormally developed feminine instincts, we're still very visual in our sexual arousal. We're still men, plain and simple. Haha.

Porn is not exactly hidden, it’s actually everywhere. You can find it in any street corner, in any magazine shop, on A LOT of internet sites, etc, etc, etc. I remember walking in my hometown one night and buying my first porn magazine. It was exhilarating! Of course I thought it was bad, but I did it and liked it just the same, haha. And modern advertising campaigns these days are so close to hardcore porn, it’s ridiculous!

Even though I think porn should not be shrouded in secrecy or demonized, I think children should be protected from it (and raunchy ad campaigns). Seeing sexually graphic images can certainly confuse young kids who are still getting the whole "birds and the bees" stuff. The point I think is to exercise a safe and honest sexuality, and then tackle "pleasurable media" without having it form negative stereotypes or unreal expectations.

That's yet another dilemma. Does porn create unrealistic ideals of what sex should be? If she's not screaming the whole time is it not good? If he doesn't cum three times and shoot his load half-way across the room, is he himself a wanker? This is why it's important for young people to NOT get their sex educating from porn. PLEASE! It's like getting your biology classes by watching Jurassic Park. Porn is for fun, it is NOT educational in ANY way. Parents, talk to your kids about sex, they're gonna find out anyway, might as well be from you; teachers, don't shy away from this subject either, you can probably take more than a few kids out of their confusion, avoid the propagation of negative sexual stereotypes and maybe even save/avoid a few pregnancies.

Should one feel guilty when seeing porn? Well, that really depends on how you view sex in general. If you think it's horrid, nasty original sin, then you probably won't like porn and will feel awful when seeing it. If you, like Germy, think sex and sexual urges are a normal part of being alive and healthy, then BRING IT ON!!! haha. Should other people know about you seeing porn? Well, like sex, I think it's a personal thing. If you want to share it, cool; if not, I think that's cool too. I don't go around yelling I see porn, but if someone brings it up I try not to shy away from it. I acknowledge my love; love is not a bad thing, it's always good. ;-)


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