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Sunday, July 24, 2005

... abortion!

Yes, I decided to take on a much less raunchy but no less controversial subject this week. Abortion. I was inspired by a comment Serge made a little while back, it got me thinking about what an explosive issue this can be. Let's define the subject first: it's eliminating a pregnancy. Plain and simple. Anything before is safe sex or using contraceptives... anything after is infanticide. Pregnancy starts when the one lucky sperm enters the egg (or ovum, if you have credentials) and does "its thing". ‘Nuff said.

First of all, let's be honest, this is mainly a woman's subject. I hate the fact that men have a lot of opinions about this and they feel they know the best for a woman. This is an issue the concerns women ONLY. If men don’t want women to have abortions, then DON´T get the pregnant! DUH! When the damage is done, it is basically out of your hands buddies. That’s life. That’s how nature chose it. You have no right telling a woman what to do with her body. Men should only be involved in passing laws based on what WOMEN think is best to do. That's it.

Now, excuse me while I ignore what I just said and continue with my rant… haha.

Abortion is illegal in Mexico as far as I understand it. This, I think, is a travesty. In my opinion, a woman has every right to do with her body whatever she pleases, and for about 9 months that fetus is part of her body, she feeds it, guards it, protects it, nurtures it; no one else has a right to tell her what to do with it. What if a woman eats really badly during her pregnancy? What if she is doing lots of hard labor while she's pregnant? What if she looses the baby due to something that is her fault? Will she be arrested for child endangerment? COME ON! Of course not! Because there is no child!

That whole “fetus rights” thing I believe is a bunch of bullshit, but I'll deal with it anyways. Apparently, some people think that this whole issue stems from when exactly one considers a fetus to be alive. Ok, it's not altogether unreasonable to assume that once the single egg cell starts multiplying and growing, it's alive. Biologically, yes. Dead things tend not to do this. Alive things do. THAT'S NOT THE POINT. The point is that it's INSIDE the woman's body. It's PART OF her body. If a woman decides to chop off her arm, THAT'S HER RIGHT! It's HER arm. Same goes with the kid. If she decides to have it taken out of her, it will die. That's how nature intended. Whatever blood is spilled, it's HER blood. Whatever food and energy was used to make it grow was HERS anyways. It's simple and logical reasoning.

I'm sick of right-wing zealots wanting to tell people how to act and what do to in the privacy of their own homes, beds and bodies. Ok, I believe that things like murder should be regulated and forbidden, no matter where they take place. And I understand that abortion is murder to them (and in a way, it kind of is). But property is nine-tenths of the law, honey. If it's YOURS, you can do whatever you want to it. Once a baby is born and breathing and eating by itself (well, sort of), it's protected by the Human Rights declarations and such. Before, it's like an organ, like liver or a spleen... if you drink too much and kill it, nobody sends you to jail.

You know, I don't want to sound completely heartless here, so I'll play Devil's advocate. Sort of. Another thing I hate about religious-right mongrels is that they assume women will have abortions like they have pedicures. I mean, seriously, this assumption is disrespectful to women everywhere. An abortion is a violent and traumatic experience. I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like. Spreading open your legs and having a fetus plucked from your insides. GEEZ. How can anyone want to go through this? Give me a break!

There are many different types of abortion (If you want the really nasty version, here is a pro-life site). There are medical abortions (done with drugs and only available up to 9 weeks after conception) and surgical abortions, where the doctor actually goes in. All of them are at least a little cringe-worthy and, basically, involve killing something that is technically alive inside you. This is not something anybody would want done to them. But then again, that's just MY opinion, and what the hell do I know??? How can I know what a woman feels and what her decision is based on? I don't! That's why it should be HER choice.

I think prohibiting abortion (like in Mexico) is tackling the problem in the completely wrong way. It's trying to solve the consequence of the problem, not the problem itself. Sure, prohibit abortion and what you get is more illegal abortions, not less abortions. PLEASE. What you need is to better educate young ones about contraception. Plain and simple. I'm a firm believer that ignorance and fear is no way to educate people. You have to inform them and make sure they know the consequences and the pre-emptive measures. What do you think is more viable? Keeping teenagers from experimenting with sex or teaching them about protecting themselves assuming they're gonna fool around anyway. I know what quick-to-judge and morally-hypocritical prudes would choose... and I know what practical and even minded people would choose. Which one are YOU?


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