The impertinence!

Friday, July 29, 2005

My editor just had the nerve to tell me that my latest taco stand review was boring! WHAT?!?!?! My prose is many things I believe... but "boring" is, in my opinion, not one of them.

I made a taco stand review in which I highlighted the fact that a blonde bombshell tends the joint and is inadvertently the nocturnal hostess to a quasi social club that camps out around her stand every night. The place is near the clubs of downtown, so you get lots of drunk and "happy" folks, haha, and she's a very gracious hostess considering the circumstances, never ever loosing her poise or good humor no matter how fucking late it is. The salsas are great, and she has this absolutely delicious green one that makes my mouth water... and also the spiciest crushed chile salsa I've ever tasted! Yikes!

It's not odd to see someone pass by, yell hi to her, and have her yell back a hello full of obscenities, haha. What a night...

Anyways, I'm appalled at the accusation! There is just no more respect!


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