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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ok, I've heard some messed-up shit in my life, but this really does go WAY up there!

Apparently, a top aide of Senator Risk Santorum is gay. Yes, that's the same Senator Santorum who equated homosexuality with polygamy, incest and adultery. A MAJOR asshole. Anyways, apparently he has a gay staff member. And he knows it. And he continues to say these hateful things no God would approve of. The worst part of course is the fact that the fucking aide still works for him and, this is just rich, he supports him. Jesus Christ, what the fuck are you doing?!?!?! You're disgusting! You have absolutely no decency and no shame... and above all, no self-respect. How sad.

The person who did the outting? Reporter Michael Rogers. He's got some rather extreme tactics and has been criticized for outting republican senators and other conservative public figures. In the first link I provided, near the bottom of the article, you can read a precious story about a conservative Senator who actually dropped out of an election race because he was outted by Rogers... and there's even a snippet from his online dating ad at a Gay webste. Oooohhh, THAT's embarrasing... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ok, call me crazy, but is it so "extreme" to call these assholes on their own bullshit??? I salute him for exposing moral and religous hypocrites for what they are... moral and religious hypocrites ! He's da-bomb! Go, Michael! Go, Micheal!


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